I Am A Son is a program that supports men and boys by offering rehabilitation services for returning citizens including drug and alcohol recovery support, employment opportunities, housing, and educational assistance. The reentry program also includes a fatherhood initiative that will lead to restoration in the relationships of these men and their children in a safe and healthy way. In order for the successful reentry of these individuals, we are aware of the need for a full-time program that meets the total need of the men to include a residential facility that will serve as a transitional space while they were in treatment. While we are assisting men, the other primary component of IAAS is geared toward boys and young men. We are committed to aiding them in avoiding pitfalls that have trapped many of the men in their communities leading to incarceration. 

We focus on crime and drug prevention and mentorship 2021 will be the pilot year for our literacy program BREAD (boys reading excelling academically daily). This is a comprehensive program that assists boys in urban communities with developing reading and phonemic awareness skills along with speech therapy. We are currently in the process of publishing literature that will accompany this program. The need for skilled staff is vital to the success of this program, so we will only employ qualified individuals who have been well vetted and possess the passion for this very necessary work.


Freedom Inc Group

A program designed to restore communities through assisting men returning from incarceration in successful living.  Realizing that families are impacted significantly by incarceration, we aim to help restore healthy relationships and to ensure proper education, life skills coaching, and employment opportunities.


“Keeping Our Sons Locked Out” is an incarceration prevention program that discourages youth from falling into the trap of incarceration. Mass incarceration is a huge epidemic in Wisconsin and for many youths, incarceration is viewed as a normal progression. KOSLO will aim to create space for boys to have positive male role models as well as opportunities to experience healthy environments and field trips to places that expose them to positive alternatives to crime and underachievement. KOSLO will create a strong bond and brotherhood that will combat the desire to participate in gangs or negative circles. 


Boys reading excelling academically daily is a literacy program for boys. This program promotes early reading amongst boys from toddlers through grade school.  BREED will publish literary work of program participants. Speech therapy will be offered. Men will be recruited to lead male reading clubs in public schools. DAD’s reading club will encourage men to bond through reading and in turn foster reading in the home with their children.